Revolutionary War Antecedent 

Found out today that my 5th great grandfather, on my mother’s side,  was an officer in The Continental Army:

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Very apropos today.

His obituary:

In Greenfield (New Hampshire) on  (July 13, 1815) inst. Col. WILLIAM
SCOTT, Esq. in the 71st year of his age. In his death the companion of his bosom lost an enduring partner, his children an affectionate parent, his neighbors a kind friend, the needy a benevolent benefactor, and the inhabitants of the U.S. a worthy and venerable patriot.  

Col. Scott emigrated to America about 11 years previous to the revolutionary war, in which he took an early, and an active part, for his country’s rights. He was in the battles of Bunker-Hill, Trenton, Monmouth, White Plains and Saratoga, and in almost every battle of note during the war.

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