Eclipse 2017: Leg 3

Left Coldwater, MI, at about 10:30 AM EDT. Proceeded west on US 12, and then turned south into Indiana to pick up The Indiana Toll Road. The section we drove on was smoother than the one near the Ohio line. Made three stops, two at service areas and one at Bristol, IN for groceries.

Saw this at one of the service areas, left as a warning to others.

Our dogs were very good this leg of the trip. We only had one request (Tillie) to stop for a walk. We ran into heavy traffic on I-80/94 south of Chicago for seven miles due to a construction zone. That slowed us down significantly. By 3 PM CDT we were near Joilet, IL and looked for a place to camp. Found one near the l-55/80 interchange. By then, our good weather ended with heavy rain as we arrived. It was short lived, and I didn’t have to wait long to connect our hookups after parking at our site.

Forecast at our eclipse site is still looking good. Mostly sunny with a high of 89 dog F.

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