Trisha Update

Trisha – December 16, 2021
Trisha – August 8, 2022

It’s been nearly 8 months since we brought our rescue Scotty, Trisha, home. She’s come a long way in that time and has come out of her shell. She can be impish with us and our other dogs. She loves belly rubs and running in the back yard. She also enjoys going on walks to explore. She’s warmed up to our friends but can still be shy around strangers. Her coat has also become darker. She knows she hit the lottery.

One thought on “Trisha Update

  1. marcia mizruchi August 17, 2022 / 8:47 AM

    Trisha is gorgeous! She’s lucky to have a wonderful home with parents who treasure her. Thanks so much for sending this wonderful picture.

    We were in Hoboken for a week, leaving Syracuse on Monday, August 8 and returning on Monday, August 15. We had a great time, and the wedding was lovely. Mikayla and Eddie are honeymooning in Disney (Florida) for a few days; they’ve gone on all of the water rides, and Mikayla was thrilled to see Cinderella.

    Thanks again for the Trisha picture! Marcia


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