Unsocial Media

I have come to the bitter realization that “Social Media” is a misnomer. It should be called “Unsocial Media.” Over the past few months, I have encountered some extremely arrogant, nasty, snide, and definitely unsocial, people on Facebook, and to a lessor extent, Twitter. Comments and posts have become increasingly derogatory, and normally would never be said in person. The constant barrage of negativity has also made me guilty of posting angry comments, out of frustration, from time-to-time.

Facebook has become an echo chamber, using algorithms designed to mainly display posts reflecting your point of view. The posts are all too often re-shared to create an unfriendly atmosphere for people to calmly discuss opposing, informed opinions. It has become petty, juvenile, and a fount of logical fallacies and poor arguments. Eventually, you increasingly end up not seeing opposing, informed points of view, and then, not knowing that they even exist. Instead, your circle of Facebook Friends becomes a group of sycophants.

Therefore, I have deactivated (not deleted) my Facebook account, and deleted the apps on my devices. Facebook is not worth the anger, frustration, time, and the loss of friends and relatives. I have kept Facebook Messenger open for my true friends.

Reconsidered and set up another account focused on Scotties, Drones and Weather. No politics or users will be blocked, not unfriended. Noticed I have more features and options now.