Stormstown Water Board

This week, my wife and I attended the annual meeting of our local water commission. We both found it to be interesting and instructive. 

We learned that our community is supplied by two wells, each with a storage tank. One well has recently been put into production. The board plans to link the two wells and operate them on an alternating schedule.

Some of the older water lines are leaking, and is estimated that the leakage rate is 20%. There is a program to systematically replace the older lines. It is also necessary to plug the boreholes for three abandoned wells.
There hasn’t been a rate increase in nearly 25 years. The system has been operating at a loss over the last few years. In order to improve service, pay for the new well, increase monetary reserves, and cover other operating costs, there will be a rate increase effective this July. The rates are two-tiered.