Eclipse 2017: Sixth and Final Leg

Today is our final leg to our eclipse site.

Dogs got me up at around 6 AM CDT. It had rained during the night. I took them for a walk to the highway and back.

I topped off the fresh water tank before departing.

This morning we took our time getting ready for travel. Took our dogs to the small dog park one more time before leaving. Then, it was retract the slide outs, disconnect the hookups and retract the jacks. Soon we were heading southbound on I-29.

We stopped for a break, and to eat lunch, in the parking area of a Marriott Hotel off of I-680, west of Omaha. Soon we were headed westbound on I-80 again toward Lincoln. Nothing looked familiar to me, except for The Platte River, until we got to Lincoln. However, there’s been a great deal of development since I left 35 years ago, when I finished my graduate work at UNL.

We stopped at a Casey’s General Store (The Sheetz/Wawa of the west) for another break and fuel. However, due to a lightning strike the night before, the pumps were not operating. I walked our dogs and then bought Marla, my wife, some coffee. She said the coffee was very good.

It wasn’t long before Tillie started her, “I want to stop!,” yipping. I got off at the next exit, where there were no services, and investigated. It turned out that a lower drawer had opened during travel. I resolved that issue and gave treats to all of our pets (slipped a little extra to Tillie). We got back on the interstate and it wasn’t long before, Tillie started her, “I want to stop!,” yipping again. This time, it was Trixie that needed to be walked. Have I mentioned that we love our dogs?

We stopped one more time in York, NE, to top off the fuel tank. Soon we arrived at our eclipse campground, near Henderson, NE, called Prairie Oasis, around 3:30 PM CDT.

We soon settled and relaxed before the big day tomorrow.

While walking Tillie, Toby Two; our two Scotties; and our Westie, Trixie, I discovered the campground tornado/storm shelter.

The forecast for tomorrow has deteriorated somewhat. The NWS is now calling for partly sunny. We’ll keep our fingers crossed.

Eclipse 2017: Leg 1

Today, my wife, our three dogs, and I set out on the first leg of our trip west to view the solar eclipse. After loading our class A motor home it was near noon when we started our journey. We traveled only 200 miles before we stopped near Akron, OH. We did plan to meet a friend here before proceeding west. Weather today was mostly cloudy but cleared up before crossing the Ohio line.

I plan to reach Indiana tomorrow.