Solar Wind Storm


Propagation on the 40-meter and 75-meter bands has been very poor during the past few days. I have a backlog of several radiograms to send, as a result, since it has been difficult to hear the other stations on the nets where I usually check-in.



There is a wide “hole” in The Sun’s atmosphere from which gaseous material has been flowing. The resultant solar winds have caused a geomagnetic storm to occur on Earth. The Aurora has been visible in northern Minnesota. The geomagnetic storms may last for more than a day or two.

Amateur HF Radio Station

This week, I completed setting up my HF amateur radio station. The final component was a 30 foot vertical antenna. The antenna mast, made of fiberglass, is collapsible and can be quickly disconnected. This is necessary in the event of a thunderstorm.

The day after I completed the installation, I made my first HF contact, from Stormstown on 40 meters, with a station in Maine. The operator gave me an excellent signal report to confirm my radio system is working. I sent a QSL card to the operator.