Stream Water Data Collection

On Thursday, May 19, I joined a team of volunteers that collect and analyze water samples taken from rivers, lakes and streams in Centre County, PA. The two sample sites that we visited are along Little Fishing Creek near Hublersburg, PA.


Chemical analysis of the water samples was conducted at each site. Samples were tested for dissolved oxygen, akilinity, pH, conductivity, nitrates, phosphates and sulphates. Also, at both sites, the width of the creek was measured, along with the depth at 10 points across the stream, and the speed of the water flow was taken at those same points.


While the chemical analysis is being conducted, other volunteers collect the fauna from the stream. The bottom of the stream was stirred up and then collected with a fine netting.


The collected silt is then spread out on the mesh, using a table, and then, using large tweezers, various invertebrates were collected, sorted and counted.

There is a web page for the organization, which includes Google spreadsheets for the data.