Summary of Spring 2022

Meteorological Spring is officially over. Here is a brief summary of March 1 – May 31, 2022 in Stormstown, PA:

Number of Days Max T <= 32 F: 2
Number of Days Min T <= 32 F: 23
Max T: 89.2 F – May 31, 2022
Min T: 12.5 F – March 4, 2022

Mar Dep from Normal: 4.1 F
Apr Dep from Normal: -1.7 F
May Dep from Normal: 1.8 F

Heating Degree Days: 1465
Cooling Degree Days: 99

Mar Precip: 3.25″, 0.13″ below normal
Apr Precip: 2.84″, 0.67″ below normal
May Precip: 5.22″, 1.58″ above normal

One thought on “Summary of Spring 2022

  1. marcia mizruchi June 1, 2022 / 2:01 PM

    Thanks for sending these reports. I especially like the Summary of Spring 2022. It looks like the rainy days of May are continuing into June. June first has been raining constantly since morning.

    Hope you, Marla, and your family are well! Marcia


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