Eclipse 2017: Downtime

File Aug 19, 6 01 19 PM

A down day to recharge, relax and do some housekeeping.

Performed a basic maintenance check on the RV. All OK.

Discovered a small enclosed dog park, with a single large tree, in the back of the campground. This allowed our pups to run around.

My wife had a brilliant idea and placed a peel and stick map of The U.S. on the bottom of the forward bunk. It also came with a black erasable marker to track our progress.

File Aug 19, 6 00 10 PM

The machines in the campground laundry had whimsical names:

It was a very good plan to go on a few shakedown trips before this big trip. We both learned a few things, as well as got in some practice setting up and tearing down. As a result, we had no major issues during our 1000 mile journey. Just a few minor glitches; nothing that couldn’t be fixed with duct tape and simple tools.