Eclipse 2017: Downtime

File Aug 19, 6 01 19 PM

A down day to recharge, relax and do some housekeeping.

Performed a basic maintenance check on the RV. All OK.

Discovered a small enclosed dog park, with a single large tree, in the back of the campground. This allowed our pups to run around.

My wife had a brilliant idea and placed a peel and stick map of The U.S. on the bottom of the forward bunk. It also came with a black erasable marker to track our progress.

File Aug 19, 6 00 10 PM

The machines in the campground laundry had whimsical names:

It was a very good plan to go on a few shakedown trips before this big trip. We both learned a few things, as well as got in some practice setting up and tearing down. As a result, we had no major issues during our 1000 mile journey. Just a few minor glitches; nothing that couldn’t be fixed with duct tape and simple tools.

Introducing Trixie

File Mar 19, 2 56 42 PM

Two weeks ago, we acquired a new addition to our family. We brought home a West Highland Terrier puppy which we named Trixie. She is a little spitfire and can hold her own against our older Scotties, Tillie and Toby Two. It took a few days, but the Scotties have accepted her.

Trixie is now eleven weeks old. For such a small puppy, at 4 pounds, she can be quite vocal and loud. I can hear her upstairs at the other end of the house. She is starting to learn how to navigate stairs. Not too much problem going up, but unsure of going down. She has also adapted well to crate training. We expect it will be several weeks until she’s housetrained.

Trixie was a big hit at the nursing home. Residents, and staff alike, enjoyed her visit.