RVing: First Time Out

My wife, and our three dogs, had their first overnight trip in our motor home. We took a trip to Cozy Creek Campground, near Tunkhannock, PA, and stayed two nights. Our two Scotties and Westie adapted well to travel and we’re very eager to explore when we took them on walks. They also enjoyed looking outside from their perch on the dash board. They did get agitated when they spotted chipmunks and squirrels as well as other dogs. We’ll have to work on that during training. 

I had already made two shakedown overnight trips on my own, prior to this one, and I am getting more proficient with the RV’s systems. I’ve worked out most of the bugs, but I still have a couple of things to try out and resolve.

Introducing Trixie

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Two weeks ago, we acquired a new addition to our family. We brought home a West Highland Terrier puppy which we named Trixie. She is a little spitfire and can hold her own against our older Scotties, Tillie and Toby Two. It took a few days, but the Scotties have accepted her.

Trixie is now eleven weeks old. For such a small puppy, at 4 pounds, she can be quite vocal and loud. I can hear her upstairs at the other end of the house.¬†She is starting to learn how to navigate stairs. Not too much problem going up, but unsure of going down. She has also adapted well to crate training. We expect it will be several weeks until she’s housetrained.

Trixie was a big hit at the nursing home. Residents, and staff alike, enjoyed her visit.