November 2018 Weather Summary

Meteorological winter has begun. November was below normal for temperature with a monthly mean that was -5.1 deg. F below normal. The high for the month was 67.8 deg. F recorded on November 1. The low for the month was 15.4 deg F, recorded on November 23. There were 850 heating degree days.

November was an above normal month for precipitation with 4.77 inches of rainfall recorded. This was 1.53 inches above normal and has contributed to a 15.53 inch surplus for 2018. The maximum rainfall in a single day was 1.04 inches recorded on November 9. The annual precipitation surpassed 52 inches. There were 14 days of rain >.01 in, 9 >.1 in and 1 >1 in.

The first significant snowfall of the season, at 10.5 inches, was recorded on November 15.

November 2018 Data

The outlook for Winter (Dec. 2018, Jan. 2019 and Feb. 2019).

My Personal Weather Station

If you haven’t figured out by now, I am a retired meteorologist. I have installed my own weather instruments at my home in Stormstown. My primary station consists of a cluster of sensors for The Davis Vantage Pro 2 weather station.

Pictured is the tipping bucket rain gauge, thermometer, hygrometer, solar sensor, UV sensor and data transmitter. The transmitter has a battery that is charged by a small solar panel. The spikes are a deterrent to birds that can foul the rain gauge.

On a 30′ mast, near the instrument package, are a wind vane and anemometer.

Data are transmitted to my indoor displays. One of my displays has a data logger with a wired connection to an internet router.

With software, supplied by Davis, my data is downloaded to a PC for storage and analysis. My data are also uploaded to Davis WeatherLink, Weather Underground and The Citizen Weather Observer Program.

My secondary instrument cluster is a BloomSky package. On the left is a solar-powered barometer, thermometer, hygrometer and UV sensor package. It also has a fisheye WiFi camera. On the right are a solar-powered anemometer, wind vane and tipping bucket rain gauge. Data are sent to my router via WiFi and uploaded to BloomSky.

Data are displayed via The BloomSky App as shown.

Homeward Bound: Leg 5

This morning was the first real steady rain during our trip. It was also much cooler. Today was the first of our journey where I didn’t feel like I was marinating in my own sweat at the end of the day.

We left the campground near Rochester and drove towards town. Marla wanted to see The Mayo Clinic. It isn’t hard to find since it consists of many large buildings at the center of town. The main hospital is less than a mile to the west.

The second causality of the trip are the built in backup cameras. The problem seems to be a loose connection. This morning they totally ceased to function. That should be a warranty repair. I’ll get by on pull through sites and the mirrors.

We continued east on I-90 into Wisconsin. The plains abruptly ended with the bluffs to the west of The Mississippi River. We crossed the river to the north of La Cross. The vegetation and geology changed. There are more trees and topography in this part of the country than in southern Minnesota.

We are spending two nights in The Wisconsin Dells.

Eclipse 2017: Leg 4

Left the campground near Joliet, IL, before lunch. Went to a nearby Pet Smart for supplies. Got lunch from a Steak and Shake. Then we proceeded west on I-80. Stopped at a rest area and observed a plot of restored prairie.

Crossed The Mississippi River near The Quad Cities, and reached a campground near Oxford, Iowa, just west of Iowa City. Stopped for fuel before arriving. Can’t beat the prices.

File Aug 17, 9 57 28 PM

We need to find a place to stay for the weekend tomorrow.

Trixie Update: April 3, 2017

Trixie, our Westie, is now 13 weeks old and had her second visit to the vet this morning. She had a scheduled shot and examination. She is in excellent health and growing normally. Her weight increased by 50% in a month and now weighs a little over 6 lb. Her adult hair is coming in and will start losing her puppy teeth soon. The vet said that she’ll have another growth spurt by her next visit in May.

PSU Model Railroad Club Web Page

In December 2016, I entered a contest to redo the web page for The Penn State University Model Railroad Club. Yesterday, I learned that I won first place!

The original web page.

My Submission.

The club liked many of the elements I used. They may not use my submitted web site “as is,” but they will definitely incorporate most of what I submitted, and will give me credit.