Summary of Winter 2018-2019

Meteorological Winter is officially over. Here is a brief summary of Dec 1-Feb 28 in Stormstown, PA:

Number of days Max T <=32 F: 22
Number of Days Min T <= 32 F: 72
Number of Days Min T <= 0 F: 5
Max T: 58.3 – January 1, 2019
Min T: -8.5- January 30, 2019
Dec Dep from Normal: 2.1
Jan Dep from Normal: -1.9
Feb Dep from Normal: 1.9
Heating Degree Days: 3112
Cooling Degree Days: 0
Dec Precip: 4.97″, 1.87″ above normal
Jan Precip: 1.32″, 1.79″ below normal
Feb Precip: 2.76″, 0.49″ above normal
The outlook for Spring 2019:

January 2019 Weather Summary

January was 1.9 deg F below normal for temperature. The high for the month was 58.3 deg. F recorded on January 1. The low for the month was -8.5 deg F, recorded on January 30. There were 1203.7 heating degree days. There were 4 days when the temperature was at or below 0.

January was a below normal month for precipitation with 1.32 inches of rainfall recorded, which was 1.79 inches below normal. The maximum rainfall in a single day was 0.42 inches recorded on January 5. There were 7 days of rain >.01 in, 5 >.10 in and 0 >1 in.

Maximum 24-hour snowfall was 8 inches during January 19-20.

January 2019 Data

The outlook for February 2019:


September 2018 Weather Summary

September was above normal for temperature with a monthly mean of 3.7 deg. F above normal. There were only two daily maximums at or above 90 deg F. The high for the month was 90.7 deg. F recorded on September 5. The low for the month was 42.4 deg F, recorded on September 30. There were 93 heating degree days.

September was extremely rainy with over 8.2 inches of rainfall recorded. This was 4.22 inches above normal for September and has contributed to a 13.79 inch surplus for 2018. The maximum rainfall in a single day was 2.33 inches recorded on September 10. There were 14 days of rain >.01 in, 11 >.1 in and 2 >1 in.

September 2018 Data

The outlook for October.

Seasonable temperatures and slightly above normal rainfall for central Pennsylvania.