September 2022 Weather Summary

September was 0.2 deg F below normal for temperature. The high for the month was 83.0 deg. F recorded on September 4. The low for the month was 37.3 deg F, recorded on September 30. There were 0 days at or above 90 deg F and 0 days at or below 32 deg F. There were 142 heating degree days and 83 cooling degree days.

September had 3.74 inches of rainfall recorded, which was 0.21 inches below normal. The maximum rainfall in a single day was 0.77 inches recorded on September 5. There were 12 days of rain >.01 in, 8 >.10 in and 0 > 1 in. There was enough rainfall to end the moderate drought conditions in Pennsylvania except for a small area in the southeast part of the commonwealth.

High wind speed of 14 mph on September 1.

September 2022 Data

One thought on “September 2022 Weather Summary

  1. marcia mizruchi October 1, 2022 / 5:19 PM

    Hi Bill, Quite a temperature range in September. That is expected for September in the Northeast.

    LOVE the photo – double rainbow! Incredible!

    🌈 Marcia


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